The Chilibot main program is not availalbe for download. Due to user requests, we have made the synonym database used in Chilibot available, without fee, for academic use only. By downloading this file, you agree the following:

1. Use it for academic research purpose only.
2. Do not distribute it to any other parties.
3. Cite the following paper in all works derived from this database.

    Chen H and Sharp BM.  Content-rich biological network constructed by mining
    PubMed abstracts. BMC Bioinformatics. 2004 Oct 8;5:147 
In addition, We'd appreciate your feedback (hchen at

This version was derived on Sept 7th, 2006 from Entrez Gene, Uniport, GDB, OMIM, HUGO, SGD and has 139,166 entries in the following format:

SYMB1|synonom 1;synonym2...
SYMB2|synonom 1;synonym2...
Download (2.5MB)