Examples of Chilibot search

Pairewise search, color coding the nodes

Searching for the relationships between a subset of genes affect by cocain treatment. Two keywords (cocaine, plasticity) were also used. The nodes are color-coded using array data. (Green = upregulation; Red = down-regulation)

Two list search

A list of genes obtained from data mining of mouse chromosome 11 were searched against several keywords (phenotypes associated with those regions).

Two lists search, context restriction

Searching for polymorphism of genes associated with substance abuse or addiction. A list of 27 genes was first identified in a data mining study. This Chilibot search found that the polymorphism of 10 of them were known to be associated with substance abuse/addiction.

Hypothesis generation

From a complex of relationship network, Chilibot suggested that CREB may have a relationship (e.g. regulation) with synaptotagmin, based on 1) there is no known relationship between CREB and synaptotagmin; and 2) they are both connected to many gene/protein and are both involved in similar biological process (e.g. LTP). The original search includeed one keyword ("LTP") and 22 other genes. CREB was first selected by clicking on the graph. Hypothesis was generated by clicking on the "CREB might be related to.." button. See here for details.