June 21st, 2017

Server restored. Code has been updated to be compatible with the current NCBI XML schema and https connection. A few other minor bugs fixed.

July 1st, 2007

A bug that prevented unregistered users receiving 'search done' notification email has been fixed.

Jun 29th, 2007

Small change in user interface.

Mar 1st, 2006

Chilibot web-site updated, featuring a new user interface, a user manual, and some search examples.

Feb 15th, 2006

A usability study on Chilibot conducted by Rowena Luk, Kevin Cohen (directed by Marti Hearst) identified several problems in the user interface of Chilibot.

Feb 1st, 2006

A genomic research paper using Chilibot has been published by Human Molecular Genetics. This is the 2nd biology paper we know that utilized Chilibot. The first one was published in J Neurosci.

Jan 16th, 2006

A new version of synonym database is available, with all data sources updated. A bug was fixed in this version. Thanks Casey Greene for finding the bug.

Oct 25th, 2005

Chilibot synonym database is available for download Thanks Thomas for asking.

Oct 24th, 2005

Fixed a few typographical and grammatical mistakes. This is embarrassing but good. Thanks, Kevin.

Oct 9th, 2005

Added a function to allow user to provide synonyms in the input field. Instructions and examples provided.

Oct 4th, 2005

Added an interface for querying two terms to the front page. This simplifies (no log in, options, etc.) querying the relationships between two terms.

Sept 25th, 2005

Synonym database is updated. Sources include Entrez Gene, Uniport, GDB, OMIM, HUGO, Yeast.

Sept 24th, 2005

Acronym resolution module is involked by default. Users can turn that off if coverage (recall) is more important than precision.